Zeta Tau Omega Fall 2015 RUSH!

What is Zeta Tau Omega Sorority?

We are a group of women here to develop ourselves individually and impact the community as a whole. We organize different events every semester including charities, parties, mixers with other organisations, recreations, sister events and much more. We are one of the oldest local sororities in Montreal since 1967 based at Concordia University and it’s still growing strong and flourishing. With much history behind it, how about you be a part of it’s future?

Why join?

  1. SISTERHOOD & FRIENDSHIPS: University is a new beginning and sometimes you can get lost while trying to find a place where you belong. Not only that, but it can become a simple routine of going to classes and then straight home. And even if you do make friends in that ONE class, 80% of the time you probably won’t see that person next semester at all. So why not make your university experience count and make friendships that last a life time? Not only will you join a great sisterhood that offers unlimited support and acceptance you will also create bonds with other organisations.
  2. NETWORKING: We have sisters since 1967 that live in different cities, have different types of jobs and are involved in the community. We recently also met the founding president, Linda Renaud who is back in Montreal. You will have contacts in different fields of work or volunteering spaces. By joining you will expand your connections and opportunities.
  3. CHARITY & SOCIAL EVENTS: Every year we throw multiple events to benefit specific philanthropy, as well as participating in outside charity organizations and other events. We get to support different charities and give our time to philanthropic activities. We get to have parties and mingle with other organisations as well as have sisterly events. Every semester we plan a recreational event for the sisters, including road trips to a chalet or to a different city (e.g. Ottawa, Miami, etc.). We also have a yearly ball: The Sweetheart Rose Ball, where we celebrate our yearly accomplishments and sisters’ achievements.
  4. PERSONAL GROWTH: The sorority creates a medium for developing your skills. You will be able to have different positions within the sorority which will help you with your organisational skills, leadership skills, communicational skills, creativity skills, time management skills, etc. The experiences you get impresses employers when you put them on your CV. The sorority gives you responsibility as well as you constantly challenge yourself and learning new things not only in general but about yourself as well.

Thinking of joining?

The sisterhood displayed by the women of Zeta Tau Omega Sorority is unforeseen. Our sorority is very accepting, loving and inclusive. We accept any undergraduate female student from ANY University. Our slogan is: “You choose us, we don’t choose you”. Which is one of the reasons why our sorority has a great diversity between sisters. Come join us at our RUSH events where you will get to mingle with and meet the sisters. Don’t be surprised if you realize that it’s where you belonged all along ;).

We cannot wait to meet you! 🙂

If you have any more questions email us at: zetatauomegarush@gmail.com
Like our facebook page for more updates on the upcoming events:
find us on facebook



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